About Me!

Hello, I'm Giga, a Web Developer!
I'm currently a fourth-year student at Georgian Technical University, specializing in Informatics. Throughout my academic journey, I've delved into a range of subjects such as Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Python, Java, C#, C++, as well as Relational Databases, Algorithms, and Information Security.
In addition to my formal education, I've passionately pursued self-study, expanding my skill set to include technologies like React.JS, React Native, and Python REST Framework. This enabled me to proficiently develop and deploy APIs. I've also become well-versed in navigating technical documentation and understanding the underlying principles of different Authorization protocols, ensuring robust security implementations in my projects.
Furthermore, my experience in creating dynamic websites has granted me valuable insights into the fundamental principles of UI/UX design, enhancing the user experience across the applications I build.
After every project, I find my understanding of code deepening. I become more adept at not only knowing what to write but also how to write it, what to look for and where to look at. Each endeavor is a stepping stone in my continuous journey towards mastery in web development.

See my recent projects below.

Recent Work

Community Web-Site

Web-site for comminty!
On this site user can register,view,comment and if they have permission create post and delete it.
Every user has Profile page where we can see their avatar,username,bio and their posts and comment history
Web-Site has filter by topic option and search bar where user can search posts and another user.
Authorization done by JWT.
Back-end done in Python REST Framework. Front-end in React.Js

Word Game

Word game inpirated by Wordle!
Game has 3 different game modes: Normal,Pro and Expert.
User can play as much as they want!.Game tracks wins and loses.
Word Game is done in React Native.

Top Songs!

Web-site to see Spotify's user's top songs and streams.
After user authorization App sends HTTP request to Spotify's API and as a response we get user's profile info, Top songs and Recent streams.
User can filter data by selecting time range: Short Term, Medium Term, Long Term.
desing was inspirateb by UI trend Neubrutalism.
Back-end for API request was done in Node.Js w/ Express. Front-end in React js

App for community Web-site ![UNDER DEVELOPMENT]!

Mobile app for the web-site.
Done in React Native on Python Back-end.

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